Blefuscu in the 1939 film.

Blefuscu is a tiny island kingdom that is home to the tiny race of people known as Blefuscudians and it is the rival kingdom of its fellow tiny neighbor Lilliput which is separated from Blefuscu by an 800 yard wide channel. Everything on the island is of miniscule size (just like in Lilliput), including its terrain, plants, animals, food, buildings and so forth, befitting its tiny residents. This island was one of the first locations Gulliver would come across on his long voyage, the first being Lilliput.


  • Moll - Map of Lilliput

    A map of Blefuscu and Lilliput.

    Despite being the neighboring island of Lilliput in the books, Blefuscu is rarely adapted entirely or even referenced in other media, and Lilliput is usually the segment of the story that is most commonly referenced or remembered.
  • From a map of Blefuscu and nearby Lilliput, it may suggest that both of these islands are located south of Sumatra, Indonesia, on the eastern Indian Ocean.