Darcy Silverman is played by Amanda Peet in the 2010 film adaptation of Gulliver's Travels.

Character descriptionEdit

Darcy Silverman is the Travel Agent Crush of mailman Gulliver who has liked for five years during both of aligned work.

He is eventually replaced in position by new the new mailman and instead of intentionally plucking up the courage to ask out Dracy finally he fasley states he has come to take the travel papers for a trip to the Bermuda Triangle.

Darcy becomes impressed at Gulliver and upon seeing his resume detailings of Mexico ships off funding his ship.

Gulliver however through a wave tornado is spiralled into the Land Of Lilliput where he becomes General after saving the King and his squire's life from perilous flames.

Darcy back in Manhattan quickly browses the site she said Gulliver's resume description to sound like it was off and found that he simply copied word from word.

Enraged Darcy called a total of three times before deciding to take a trip which could affect her health in orderto bring him back.

At the time she arrives however Gulliver has been exhiled by the overtaking Armada and their new member General Edward.

Darcy is accustomed to the same greeting Gulliver received being tied down to the ground and referred to by General Edward as the She-Beast.

Darcy is then sent to the dungeons where in place of Horatio's old cell is the King and Queen.

Gulliver is rescued from the Island We Dare Not Go by Horatio and then brought back to Lilliput to rescue Darcy and the land.

Darcy loses her anger over his lie after he confesses his love for her and the reason for always coming to see her when had no mail.

Darcy then bears witness to Gulliver and General Edward's re-duel and watches as he finally leaves victorious.

She then dances alongside the community and Gulliver to the War Song and then shares a passionate kiss with him before they depart the island.

Darcy is seen at the end with a now promoted Gulliver planning a new trip and gloating the importance of a small proportioned person to the head mailman who overtook Gulliver's original job.

As revealed in a news article Gulliver became a Travel Agent too alongside girlfriend Darcy Silverman and had started their own travel column in the newspaper frequently delivered by him.