The Houyhnhnm language is the language of the race of intelligent horses known as "Houyhnhnms". It sounded more like neighing, although Gulliver described their language as being similar to High Dutch or German, but being "much more graceful and significant".

The Houyhnhnms, being a nearly-utopian civilization of equines, do not have a word for "to say a lie".

Glossary Edit

  • Yahoo - a race of barbaric humanoids; bad; evil; poor in quality
  • Houyhnhnm - a horse; a member of a race of intelligent horses; perfection of nature.
  • Hhuun - attend to him
  • Hnea-Yahoo - the Yahoo's evil; a disease
  • Ylnhniamshy - the aborigines or natives of a land
  • Ihnuwnh - to return to one's first mother; to pass away; to die
  • Hhnm Yahoo - folly of a servant
  • Whnaholm Yahoo - the loss of a child
  • Ynlhmndwihlma Yahoo - a stone that cuts their hooves; continued bad weather
  • Ynholmhnmrohlnw Yahoo - a poorly-built house
  • Nnuhnoh - a small mammal around the size of a rabbit that is hunted for its furs.
  • Hnuy illa nyha majah Yahoo - take care of thyself, gentle Yahoo