King Theodore is played by Billy Connolly in the 2010 film adaptation of Gulliver's Travels.

King Theodore is the proud ruler of Lilliput when Lemuel Gulliver was washed there. He is the father of Princess  Mary and the husband of Queen IsabelleHe is very interested in Gulliver's life and even promotes him to general in place of General EdwardHe watched as Gulliver captured the entire Biffusian armada and brought them out to sea. 

When Gulliver arrived in Lilliput, Gulliver requested that they build him a place to stay on the coast and that they free Horatio from the prison. The king accepted the offer and Gulliver began serving the King as his General. 

After General Edward betrayed Lilliput and went to the Biffusian King. Edward built himself his own robot using Gulliver's magazine. Then Edward returned to Lilliput in his new robot and challenged Gulliver to a duel. Gulliver accepted but was easily defeated and surrendered quickly. Gulliver then revealed to the rest of Lilliput that he lied to them about being victorius and brave. He was then sent to the island they dare not go by the new General Edward of Biffusia. King Theodore and his wife Isabelle were imprisoned by the King of Biffusia. 

After Gulliver returned from the island where they dare not go, he rescued them and Darcy Silverman and then challenged Edward to a rematch duel gainst his robot. This time Edward made upgrades to his suit so that he could shock anything he touched. But, with some help from Horatio he was able to subdue Edward's robot suit. But Edward escaped the robot and kidnapped the princess. But she punched him in the face. 

It is presumed that Edward was sent to the island they dare not go by the knewly reinstated King Theodore.