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A map of Lilliput and its rival Blefuscu.

Lilliput is a tiny island kingdom that is home to the tiny race of people known as Lilliputians and it is the rival kingdom of its fellow tiny neighbor Blefuscu, which is separated by an 800 yard wide channel. Everything on the island is of miniscule size, including its terrain, plants, animals, food, buildings and everything else, befitting its tiny residents. This island was the first location Gulliver would come across on his long voyage.


Lilliput and Blefuscu's history date back to "six thousand moons ago", roughly to the year 1199.


The current emperor of Lilliput was Golbasto Momaren Evlame Gurdilo Shefin Mully Ully Gue.

Under the authority of the emperor of Lilliput, its government was divided into two factions, the conservative Tramecksan (high-heels) and the Slamecksan (low-heels), both of which avoid each other out of spite. While the Tramecksan were more numerous, the Slamecksan enjoyed more political influence: the current emperor of Lilliput was a low-heel, but his heir-apparent supported the high-heels.


Lilliput's calendar is measured in "moons" (months) instead of years.


The religion of Lilliput follows a prophet known as "Lustrog". Its sacred scripture is known as the Blundecral. The fifty-fourth chapter of the Blundecral disallowed schisms.

Lilliputians have two religious sects: the Big-Endians and the Little-Endians, representing which part of an egg do they break first (bottom or top). The Big-Endians were the traditional sect, while the more-recent Little-Endians followed the emperor's father's order after the emperor cut a finger while breaking an egg. Their sharp differences led to wars and contempt between both sects.

Lilliputians bury their dead by having the deceased's head pointed deep into the earth. They believe that after eleven thousand months from the time of writing, the flat earth will be overturned and the dead will be resurrected standing up.


  • In most media adaptations, Lilliput is the most frequently-referenced location of the places Gulliver had visited. It is also the most parodied, an example is Umi City from Team Umizoomi
  • From a map of Lilliput and nearby Blefuscu, it may suggest that both of these islands are located south of Sumatra, Indonesia, on the eastern Indian Ocean. However, Swift gives their strict coordinates in relative to Van Diemen's land (Tasmania) in such a way that it would be placed within Australia, so some believe that Lilliput was intended to be placed between Australia and New Zealand.