Homann - Planiglobii Terrestris Cumutroq Hemisphaerio Caelesti

A map of the world from the 1700s, produced by the German cartographer Johann Baptist Homann.

Here is a list of locations that were shown or mentioned in Gulliver's Travels.

For the sake of convenience, all locations will be listed under which continent or ocean they were located within.

Europe Edit

Kingdom of Great Britain Edit

  • The Kingdom of Great Britain, a growing island kingdom on northwestern Europe, was Gulliver's home country.

England Edit

  • Nottinghamshire
  • Redriff - Gulliver's hometown.

Elsewhere Edit

  • Kingdom of Portugal (Portuguese Empire) - a rival of Great Britain, and the first colonial empire of the Renaissance.
  • Dutch Republic (Netherlands, Holland) - a rival of Great Britain, one of the nations that had many adventures in Asia. One of the few nations, other than Luggnagg, that the Japanese permitted international trade with.

Indian/Pacific Ocean[1] Edit

Lilliputian Islands Edit

North America Edit

Brobdingnag Edit

East Asia Edit

Japan/Tokugawa Shogunate Edit

  • Japan was ruled by a series of shoguns, who kept it under near-isolation from the outside world, except for several countries such as Holland, Ryukyu, Qing Dynasty China, and Luggnagg. Gulliver briefly visited Japan after his disappointing time at Luggnagg.
    • Yeddo, the capital city of Japan, and the residence of the Emperor.

Elsewhere Edit

  • Laputa - a floating island of science-obsessed people
  • Balnibarbi - a project-obsessed nation under Laputa that it fights against
  • Glubbdubdrib - a land of sorcerers and ghosts of historical figures
  • Luggnagg - an island of miserable immortals. One of the few nations, like Holland, that were permitted to trade with Japan.

Southern Ocean Edit

Houyhnhnm Land Edit

Notes Edit

  1. Jonathan Swift gives the strict locations for Lilliput relative to Van Diemen's land (Tasmania) in such a manner that Lilliput would be placed within Australia. Thus, some people agree that Swift intended Lilliput to be placed in the Tasman Sea.